June 6, 2024

3 Common Rodents in Washington State

Many rodents live in the United States, but only a few are major household pests. According to the United States Census Bureau, rats and mice are common indoor nuisances and infest 14 million homes.

There are a few rodents in Washington state that cause issues for homeowners. From spreading disease to causing home damage, these species can create problems whenever they invade. 

To learn more about common Washington rats and mice, keep reading! Zunex is your premier stop for pest control services in the Auburn, WA, area!

Roof Rats

As their name suggests, roof rats nest in high areas, like upstairs rooms, attics, crawlspaces, or roof eaves. When living outdoors, these pests typically inhabit trees, fences, or any place off of the ground. 

Also called black rats because of their dark-colored fur, you can easily differentiate roof rats from other rat or mouse species. With their long tails included, roof rats can grow up to eight inches in length. 

Because roof rats are skilled at climbing, you’re more likely to find their nesting grounds in attics or upstairs spaces. These pests typically tear up your insulation, wiring, walls, or stored items like Christmas decorations or bedding. 

Plus, if they defecate and urinate overhead or near ventilation, they can spread harmful pathogens throughout your home, causing you to breathe in air that may make you ill. 

These are notorious rodents in Washington state because of the sheer toll they can take on your household. Roof rats are pests that shouldn't overstay their welcome, from keeping you awake by scurrying upstairs to causing damage to many of your prized possessions. 

If you’ve spotted a larger rodent crawling upstairs or even heard pests skittering overhead, there’s a good chance you have a roof rat infestation in your attic, roof eaves, or bedrooms. 

Norway Rats

Slightly larger than roof rats, Norway rats typically inhabit downstairs spaces in your home. Also called sewer rats, Norway rats are common anywhere from highly populated city areas to suburban neighborhoods. 

You may see Norway rats in your basement, garage, downstairs, or the main portion of your home. Unlike roof rats, Norway rats aren’t excellent climbers or are common in elevated locations. 

These are some of the most common rodents in Washington state. In fact, Norway rats are a problem in every state in the country– including Alaska and Hawaii! 

While roof rats primarily cause damage to your insulation and any attic storage boxes, Norway rats can harm many of the possessions located on the ground floor of your home. 

Both rodents are problems indoors, but you’re more likely to see signs of Norway rat damage once they invade. 

Here are some indications of Norway rats:

  • Gnaw marks on wooden items
  • Deterioration of food containers or wrapping
  • Damage to clothing, materials, or cardboard boxes
  • Large, blunt rodent droppings scattered throughout your home
  • Sounds of rodents roaming through your walls or on your flooring

Because these pests can quickly spread disease throughout your home, you must watch for signs of a growing rodent infestation. Norway rats are the most common rat in the country, so it’s not uncommon for Washington residents to suffer from these infestations. 

Thankfully, Zunex Pest control can handle any rodent infestation in your home, including Norway rats! While they can cause significant problems indoors, we can lend a hand to keep your home and family safe!

Just give us a call whenever rodents invade your home!

House Mouse

These tiny terrors are rodents in Washington state that no one wants to see. The ordinary house mouse is much smaller than the larger rats on our list, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause their fair share of problems.

House mice are typically much braver than rats, meaning you may see these pests streaking across your floor and searching for food while you’re still in your kitchen. Imagine opening your pantry and spotting a mouse looking inside too!

Like rats, house mice will chew on anything in your home. While rats can cause more damage because of their large size and teeth, house mice will venture into areas that rats may not feel comfortable sneaking into. 

Plus, these pests aren’t clean either. They urinate and defecate wherever they go in your home, leaving behind harmful bacteria and diseases, like the plague, rat-bite fever, typhus, and hantavirus.

Removing Rodents in Washington State

Because of their impact on your home and health, it’s always a good idea to eliminate rodents whenever they infest your home. While more common in the winter, rodents can cause issues no matter the time of year. 

small grey rat hiding behind a white element figure

You can quickly repair smaller cracks with caulk or plaster, but more significant damages require specialized help. Be sure to consult a local repair specialist to assess your home’s needs for physical pest prevention. 

If rats or mice infest your home through vents or pipe gaps, you can always plug holes with steel wool. Unlike other materials that rodents can chew through, steel wool is too sharp to gnaw on. 

For any spot in a frequently damp area, purchase steel wool coated with a protective barrier. This inexpensive material can help keep rodents out of your home with little to no stress!

But what about longer-lasting options to keep rodents away for longer? For proven pest control methods, you should turn to professionals for aid. Whenever you need help with rodents in Washington state, contact us at Zunex Pest Control!

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