We're Zunex Pest Control!

We are a Family owned Pest Control Company servicing the Greater Puget Sound and the Salt Lake County area.

Founder of Zunex Pest Control

Joshua Zuniga

I was born and raised in Auburn, Washington and have spent the majority of my life here as a proud PNW native. Over the past 8 years I’ve spent my time in various positions within the pest control industry, from Sales, to Technican, to helping grow and eventually sell my shares of a multi-million dollar pest control business in Oklahoma.

As a family business, Zunex Pest Control is the culmination of years of focused planning, and an intense desire to involve my own family in a industry that has blessed my life immensely. For that reason, I’ve chosen to partner with people who are the closest to me, namely my father, my brother in law, and my childhood best friend.

To me, Zunex is more than a pest control company, it's a vehicle which I’ve chosen to better myself, my family, and my employees.

I firmly believe that if I take care of my employees and help provide them with an environment in which they can better themselves that it will provide a tangible different to not only their lives, but also the lives of our customers through providing world class service.

While we may be a small company at the moment, our vision is to the future and we plan on taking a massive role in the pest control industry here in the Pacific Northwest.

Owner / Sales Manager

Skyler White:

Skyler has been in the pest control industry for 5 years leading sales teams and is coming into this journey with excitement and passion. 

He specializes in leadership development and helping people reach their full potential. He lifts where he stands and is the kind of leader that everyone wants to follow.

Skyler and his wife, Megan, are Seattle natives and will be a great addition to Zunex. He is a true local and he and Josh are childhood friends. He’s a fantastic husband and father. He’s extremely hardworking, positive and is everyone’s best friend. He makes every person feel like the most important person in the room.

Owner / Service Manager

Thomas Shelley:

Meet Thomas Shelley, one of the owners of ZUNEX 🕷 and brother in law of Joshua, and Son in Law of Francisco.

Thomas started in the pest control industry in 2016 as a technician treating homes, rigging trucks, and training other techs. He quickly learned the art of sales and spent the next three years both as a salesman and technician. In addition to his hands on experience Thomas has also graduated from Purdue’s IPM course where he has learned the ins and outs of creating and facilitating a high quality service experience for clients.

Tommy grew up in New Mexico working long days and nights on a cattle ranch with his family. He goes above and beyond in every job he has, whether it be working cattle or servicing a home. He is full of integrity and will stop at nothing to get the job done right. Tommy’s main focus is to make sure you get what you’re paying for. He will treat each home as if it were his own. He is excited to implement a program that will ensure all our technicians will provide the quality service that he would do on each home. 

Thomas understands that each situation is unique and looks forward to working with you to meet your specific and individual pest control needs. 

Owner / Office Manager

Francisco Zuniga:

Born far down south in northern Chile, Francisco originally made his way up north to the United States to attend Brigham Young University. While there he met his sweetheart, and they got married and eventually moved to his Wife’s hometown of Seattle and planted roots. 

Throughout the years Francisco has held various jobs, but his specialty is sales and customer service. For the past 25 years he worked as a head of international sales for an office supply company where he was in charge of brokering office supplies to countries in South America and Asia. 

With his experience, Francisco will be the General Manager of Zunex Pest Control and oversee the customer service, and office staff. 

Anyone who knows Francisco would say that he loves his family, especially his grandchildren! 👶🏽 He embodies grit and determination. Through his diligence and hard work he has built a life that embodies the American Dream and is looking forward to continuing to work hard and build Zunex.