June 6, 2024

What Sort of Damage do Rodents Cause? Signs of Damage!

Creeping and crawling through your attic, pantry, and basement, rodents are severe problems for your home. 

These pests spread waste wherever they go and try to eat you out of your house and home! But what sort of damage do rodents cause indoors?

Keep reading to understand more about the trouble rats and mice can cause whenever they invade! Plus, don’t forget that Zunex has your back whenever you have a difficult rodent infestation. 

Why You Have Rodents

Let’s face it. Rats and mice aren’t welcome pests in anyone’s home. Sneaking in whenever the winter temperatures grow cold, rodents infest your home looking for shelter and a quick bite to eat. 

No matter where you live, rodents are a problem when the winter chill finally sets in. Rats or mice will slip through small cracks and crevices to escape the frigid cold to reach warm commercial buildings and residential homes. 

Our homes are safe havens from harsh elements. With warm heaters that keep your house cozy, these tiny pests won’t ever have a reason to leave. 

Many female rodents slip indoors to find a suitable area to breed and give birth to their young. These small mammals will hunt around your home for material scraps for their growing nests.

Your pantry will also bring rodents out in droves. Many homeowners keep well-stocked kitchens, filled to the brim with goodies that mice and rats can’t pass up. These pests will munch on anything edible, from bread and cookies to cereal and rice. 

Having exterior damages or holes will encourage rodents to sneak indoors. If they have a spot they can squeeze through, they’ll stuff their slim frames through the cracks to reach warmth and good food. 

Easily accessible food can convince rodents to pillage your pantry and kitchen, so anything uncovered may fall victim to a rodent’s eager chompers. Messes or spills will similarly entice rats or mice to extend their stay. 

What Sort of Damage do Rodents Cause?

Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, rats and mice are troublemakers inside your home. While they may seem harmless, rodents are one of the leading causes of pest-related home damage. 

From your food to your wiring, rodents will use their sharp teeth to tear through anything they need to reach their next meal or ultimate destination. Some rodents’ teeth are strong enough to even saw through plastic!

Because of their small size, rodents can usually crawl into hard-to-reach areas or otherwise inaccessible locations and harm your household items right under your nose, leaving you with a hefty repair bill once the season’s over. 

Insulation Damage

Certain species of rats and mice can burrow up in your ceilings, roofs, or crawlspaces to build their homes and raise their young. Roof rats are notorious for destroying storage items left in upstairs areas.

When creating their nests, rodents search for loose or suitable materials throughout your home. If what they want isn’t close by, they’ll gnaw through whatever they can to craft the perfect place to live. 

Your attic or wall insulation could become a repository for rodents as they begin building spaces to give birth. Some rodents may even create their nests within the soft, fluffy material, allowing their babies to wreak havoc once grown. 

These pests can quickly destroy the fibers, letting cold or hot air slip through the cracks. Besides inflating your electricity bill, rats and mice can defecate or urinate on the insulation, making your family seriously ill. 

Rodents are vectors for many severe diseases and were once partially responsible for the plague outbreak in Europe long ago. Breathing in hazardous materials is dangerous for your health and may result in an unwanted illness like Hantavirus.

Food Contamination 

What sort of damage do rodents cause to your food?

Because mice and rats carry infectious diseases and harmful pathogens, they can spread bacteria onto your kitchen or dining room surfaces. They can even infect the food you plan to eat!

Rodents can tamper with most packaging in your pantry, quickly chewing through thin paper or cardboard. Your food isn’t safe in soft plastic containers, either. The material is just thin enough for a rodent’s razor-sharp teeth. 

Once they’ve gnawed through any flimsy casings or coverings, rodents typically demolish the stored food. While they’re difficult to catch in the act, you may see remnants of their grand dinner spilled out around your cabinets. 

We recommend tossing away anything a rat or mouse has touched or eaten. Even if the rest of your food isn’t harmed, rat-borne illnesses aren’t a joke and could leave you seriously ill. Ingesting food near waste or droppings can similarly cause harm!

Damage to Important Wiring

Did you know that rodents may cause up to 20% of fires in the United States? What sort of damage do rodents cause to set your home ablaze?

When building nests, rats and mice aren’t picky regarding suitable materials. If they see something they like, rodents will put their teeth to the test and extract everything as they please. Plus, rodents typically enjoy gnawing on the hard exposed wires to promote teeth growth.

Almost all wires have thin, rubbery insulation wrapped around them to protect the wires, avoid an energy overload, and keep your home safe. 

Small tan mouse chewing on an electrical wire

If these little pests begin chewing the insulation and removing it from the wires, the naked live wires could negatively react with one another. 

Once exposed, the wires could cause a fire or other electrical problems in your home, resulting in significant damages or issues down the line. Talk about an expensive pest! 

Zunex is Here to Help!

Rodents can cause damage to many of the household items you hold dear. Clothing, linens, blankets, or pet food could become a staple in a rodent's home or a part of its next meal. 

Instead of jiggling with the costs of rodent damage, consider contacting a trusted professional to lend a hand. Here at Zunex Pest Control, we can remove any rodents creeping through your home. Just contact us here today!

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