Our General Pest service is the best solution to protect your home from all common household pests. This treatment includes a year warranty with free reservices in between each treatment as needed. This way we can guarantee your home is pest-free all year round.

All of our products are environmentally conscious and pet and family friendly. Give your home and family continuous protection from pests year round.
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There is nothing worse than a rodent infestation. Rodents such as mice and rats can find a way into your house or yard and when they do, Zunex can take care of them.

If left untreated, these invaders can create a lot of damage to your property. We have a variety of effective treatment plans to ensure we rid your home of mice and rats. To guarantee our work, we offer a full warranty on all Rodent Control.
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Mosquitoes seem to always find a way to disrupt summer activities. With our service application we are able to target their harboring sites throughout your yard. This treatment will help eliminate these pests with frequent applications and inspections where we can educate our customers to help reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your home.

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A Bed Bug infestation can be a very serious thing if not treated promptly and efficiently. Our expert team here at Zunex will prescribe the appropriate treatment to rid your entire home of Bed Bugs.

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Karla F.

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