April 4, 2023

Pet Safe Ant Bait: Safely Eliminating Annoying Pests!

When ants invade your home, you’ll need an effective pest control method to eliminate them. 

But not any regular product will do. You’ll need the best pet safe ant bait to keep your furry friends protected too!

Keep reading to learn about the most pet-friendly pest control methods you can try at home. 

Try Out Diatomaceous Earth

Want to eliminate ants and keep your precious pooch and kitten safe? We have the solution for you! Use diatomaceous earth whenever you need an effective pest control solution that won’t harm your pets.

Unlike other store-bought pest control methods, food-grade diatomaceous earth isn’t toxic. You can even safely consume this fine powder! 

Before heading to the hardware store, remember to check the packaging carefully. Regular diatomaceous earth is a staple in pool cleaning and unsafe to consume. Stick to safe-to-eat products to keep yourself and others safe!

While ants forage around in every spot in your kitchen, they’re still picky whenever it comes to their next meal! Add some sugar to entice these pests to consume the diatomaceous powder.

Like most insects, ants flock toward sugary substances as their prime nutritional source. Sugar is easily absorbed and converted into the energy they require to survive. Plus, who wouldn’t reach for something sweet for their next meal?

You can also sprinkle the powder in areas the ants frequent. Even if the ants refuse to snack on your sugary mixture, walking through diatomaceous earth is often enough to stop these pests in their tracks. 

So, how does it work as a pet safe ant bait anyways?

Most pest control solutions rely on chemical pesticides to get the job done. These methods work well when applied accurately, but many DIY insecticides could be dangerous when incorrectly applied. Always consult with a professional before tying any store-bought products!

Diatomaceous earth instead breaks down an insect’s exoskeleton with microscopic diatoms. Without an intact exoskeleton, many insects and arachnids slowly dehydrate and die. 

This pest control option won’t work fast, so don’t expect results within hours. However, you can anticipate fewer ants around your home within a few weeks! 

Diatomaceous earth works well as a pet safe ant bait. If your dog or cat accidentally consumes the powder, they shouldn’t experience any side effects. Just don’t let any pet insects out while treating ants!

Because of the sharp diatoms, the powder can still irritate your lungs when accidentally breathed in. Use a mask when applying the powder around your home, and avoid disturbing the powder once placed. 

Using Borax in Your Pet Safe Ant Bait

Wait, isn’t borax toxic to pets?

Many DIY and store-bought pest solutions aren't unsafe for pets or children. Items on the store shelf typically contain borax or boric acid to wipe up the pesky invaders foraging in your kitchen. 

However, there are ways to use borax or boric acid and keep your precious pets safe. 

We all know that dogs and cats are notoriously curious creatures. What killed the cat again? 

Instead of leaving the ant poison out for your pets to find, we suggest creating a trap or sealing off affected areas to eliminate ants effectively.

A golden retriever puppy with it's mouth hanging open. It has a red collar on.

Mix borax or boric acid with honey or sugar to convince the ants to stop by for a sweet treat. Instead of leaving the poison on your counter or inside a shallow dish, try setting the ant bait in a bowl or cut soda bottle.

Place your baited trap far away from prying hands and paws to ensure your little one won’t stumble upon your ant bait. If you’re concerned that your children or pets may still interact with the poison, shut off the room until you can eradicate your insect problem. 

Without proper storage or care, cats and dogs can sniff out the sweet mixture and try a taste. Other DIY solutions won’t work as well as borax, so consider your options before trying this alternative. 

Any choice can be a pet safe ant bait with the correct measures!

Use Essential Oils 

Why not spice up your pest control routine with some delicious smelling scents?

Essential oils aren’t technically safe ant baits as they don’t attract ants at all. Instead, these sweet or earthy smells may send ants running the other way!

Besides their medicinal properties, essential oils are effective for pest control. Many homeowners often utilize essential oil products with other pest control methods to keep insects at bay!

Peppermint and tea tree oil may help repel ants that crawl too close to your home. Check out our trips for essential oil pest control below:

  • Soak cotton balls in oil
  • Create an essential oil spray with water
  • Use an oil diffuser to spread scents throughout your home
  • Directly spray or apply essential oils to wandering ants or ant mounds

Don’t have essential oils? That’s no problem! Many common plants like mint, lavender, and rosemary can convince ants to head elsewhere. Place the potted plants around active ant infestations or spread dried leaves and flowers where the pests are frequent. 

Make a Pet Safe Trap

If you want to eliminate ants with poisons or store-bought baits, we have another tip to keep your furry pals safe. 

Grab a lidded plastic container or bucket as the base of your trap. Empty ice cream buckets, whipped cream containers, or another finished food bowl with a lid will work! Spread peanut butter on the inside of the trap and mix in your favorite ant bait

Poke holes in the top of the container and place it back onto your bowl. Because the lid protects your furry friends from the bait, they won’t become ill from consuming anything! Only the ants can crawl inside the small holes to reach the poison inside. 

Check out this article for an in-depth overview of how to create this trap and many others! 

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