November 1, 2022

Best Ant Spray for Kitchen Ants: Top 3 Options!

Have ants in your kitchen? We have the solution for you!

Check out our list for the best ant spray for kitchen ants, and never worry about pesky pests in your pantry again!

Plus, Zunex always has your back whenever you need ant control in your home or yard!

Best Ant Spray for Kitchen

Choosing the right pest control option for your home seems challenging, but many alternatives exist. 

Look at our curated list of methods to try whenever you have ants indoors. 

Vinegar Sprays

You may have one of these ingredients in your kitchen pantry! Vinegar is typically used in cooking or DIY cleaning products to keep items around your home squeaky clean. Add vinegar to your washing machine to remove stubborn stains or freshen up your clothing. 

For an ant pest control method, mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. That’s it! This simple solution can help keep ants away from your newly purchased groceries. 

Vinegar may succeed as a preventative measure, so spray around windowsills and doorways to prevent ants from creeping indoors. Like other insects, ants don’t enjoy the pungent scent of vinegar and will turn the other way. 

Ants utilize scent trails to help other colony members navigate around your home and yard. Vinegar can aid in disrupting these scent trails and prevent these pests from migrating to different areas on your property. 

Plus, it works well to eliminate ants when you see them. Vinegar can act as an on-contact pest control solution. Whenever you spot ants creeping around your kitchen or pantry, spritz them with a few drops of the pest control solution.

As long as you don’t mind the scent, vinegar could be the best ant spray for kitchen spaces. This substance is relatively mild and a great natural pest control alternative if you have a mild infestation or are uninterested in chemical methods.

Borax Ant Sprays

Borax is a popular insect-eliminating ingredient found in many commercial pesticide products. You may already have some of these ingredients in your home already! Commonly found in laundry rooms, borax can help cleanse soiled clothing before a wash.

If you’re interested in directly eliminating the ants, you could combine borax with water and spray it on any ants you see. You can also spray the colonies with the borax mixture for ant mounds in your yards. 

However, borax is more useful as bait. While ants may seem to eat anything they can find, these tiny pests prefer sweet substances. You'll need a few ingredients to create the perfect borax-based ant bait. 

Combine the borax with sugar, honey, or syrup, and add a dash of water. You don’t want the borax mixture to be too thick or runny, so aim for an easily spreadable paste as you mix everything together. 

After you’ve created your first batch of ant poison, place it in an overturned jar, plate, or shallow bowl, and position it wherever ants frequent in your home or around an active infestation outside. 

Check out this helpful video to learn more about borax ant baits!

Because of its gel-like consistency, ants can consume the bait and still carry some back to the larger population. As the foraging pests spread it around, other ants feast on the poisoned paste. 

Borax can eliminate challenging pest infestations but don’t let your loved ones get too close to your DIY mixture! Young children or pets will fall seriously ill if they consume the borax in large quantities. 

To keep your family safe, only place these pest control alternatives in areas where pets and children cannot access them. If ants are located in many different areas of your home, consider contacting a pest control company to lend a hand!

Essential Oil Sprays

Did you know that an essential oil spray can make the best ant spray for kitchen ants? Similar to vinegar, ants despise the strong smell of many fragrant essential oils. If you’re looking for a natural remedy to prevent ants, try this method!

There are a few essential oils that work well for DIY pest treatments. Peppermint oil usually works against many typical household pests that homeowners struggle with throughout the seasons.

Here are some other popular smells you can use to prevent ants from invading your kitchen:

  • Lavender 
  • Citrus
  • Eucalyptus
  • Spearmint

Whenever you have ants in your home, try mixing some of these scents into a spray bottle filled with water. To avoid saturating your home with strong odors, avoid adding more than a few drops of any of the essential oils on our list. 

Once combined, spay your mixture around windowsills, doorways, and floorboards to dissuade ants from trekking around your kitchen floor and counters. If you have ants invading your pantry, spritz the cupboard's interior.

We can’t guarantee that this method will eliminate pests, but it can help prevent them from sneaking around your home when used with other pest control methods. Plus, who wouldn’t mind a sweet scent?

Our Final Verdict

So, what’s the best ant spray for kitchen ants?

If you’re interested in preventing ant infestations, we suggest using vinegar to stop them in their tracks. While this method won’t kill the larger colony in your home or yard, this option may help deter them from taking up shop in your kitchen.

To eliminate ants, try using a borax-based ant bait to control the larger population terrorizing your home. You can craft an easy and effective pest control alternative at home with just a few ingredients!

Like many other pest infestations, ants are difficult insects to handle. Even after you eliminate a few, more always seem to come back! However, the best ant spray may not be an option you can easily create.

Whenever you need quality pest professionals, turn to Zunex Pest Control! With our proven products, we’ll knock out stubborn infestations in no time!

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