February 3, 2023

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Car Floors & Seats!

Whenever you’re taking a long relaxing drive, the last thing you want to see is a tiny spider inching down from a web!

If you have creepy crawlers in your vehicle, you’ll want to know how to get rid of spiders in your car. No free-loading passengers here!

Keep reading to learn how to eliminate spiders in your car and more tips to remove spiders around your home or garage. 

Why do I have Spiders?

While spiders are typical houseguests or backyard annoyances, they aren’t usually common inside cars or trucks. You may be curious about their presence if you find a few of these eight-legged terrors roaming your floorboards. 

There are many reasons spiders may creep into your vehicle; thankfully, these problems are all easy remedies. Take a peek at these reasons why spiders head inside your car!

Where You Park Matters

Your garage doesn’t just protect your car from the elements; it keeps the insects out too!

If you park your vehicle outdoors, insects or arachnids could invade. While it’s unlikely a family of spiders will move into your car without cause, they could creep in through small crevices to find shelter. 

Like us, spiders aren’t fans of the chilly weather and may seek shelter if the temperatures are too low (or high!). These pests may become unknowing passengers whenever your area has undesirable weather. 

Similarly, if you position your vehicle near brush piles, under trees, or around stacked wood, you could encourage spiders to visit your car. Most spiders can sneak through the smallest cracks on your vehicle’s exterior. 

Interior Insect Issues

You may be curious about how to get rid of spiders in car seats or floorboards, so it’s helpful to understand why you may have an infestation in the first place. 

Besides seeking shelter, spiders head inside structures to grab a bite to eat. While more common in your home or commercial buildings, spiders could visit your vehicle because of existing insect infestations. 

If you leave your car outside around ant hills or wasp hives, these insects could use your car as another home. Ants are notorious vehicle invaders, heading inside to locate all the hidden crumbs in your seats. 

Cars with enough insects within could encourage spiders to set up shop under your seats, around your ceiling, or even in hidden nooks and crannies. While they won’t eat your leftover fast food, they will dine on the insects attracted to it. 

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Car

So, you understand why spiders could have invaded your vehicle, but what’s the best way to remove them once inside? 

Thankfully, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a significant infestation in your car. Most spider species tend to shy away from one another and stay put in their respective webs. 

However, if enough insects are in your car or many spiders have snuck in, you could have many arachnids creeping in. 

Here’s how to eliminate any spiders that make your car their home. 

Keep your Vehicle Clean

Insects primarily invade your home because of available food sources and may similarly infest your car if you have enough crumbs or left-behind food. 

To reduce the chances of an insect or spider infestation in your vehicle, you need to keep your car in tip-top shape. It can be challenging to clean your vehicle regularly when you’re constantly on the move, but try to remove anything bugs may consume. 

Consider tossing away trash, soiled food packaging, and wrappers, especially if they have any residue. Insects are sneaky and will check out anything they can for their next meal. 

To remove all of the hidden crumbs and spills, get a car vacuum to clean up your unseen messes. Remove your interior carpeting, run your vacuum cleaner along the seams of your seats, and clean up your floorboards. 

Once you’ve eliminated all insect attractants, you shouldn’t worry about pests sneaking aboard. Without sufficient bugs inside, spiders will be less likely to stick around. 

Consider Moving Your Car

Spiders tend to shuffle toward shelter whenever the weather isn’t favorable, preferring controlled interior temperatures to the outdoor elements. If it’s too hot or cold, spiders will use your car or home as their vacation rental!

Without food, many web-bound spiders may not survive long in your vehicle, but you don’t want to stick around and wait for them to leave! 

If your car’s location is in a spider hotspot, it’s time to pick another place to park. Leaving your vehicle near drooping trees, tall grasses, or brush piles may result in spiders creeping inside. Move your car toward a cleared-off area away from debris or foliage. 

Use Pest Control Methods

If you have bugs that entice spiders in your car, you should focus your pest control efforts on removing all of the arachnid attractants

You can easily use a few safe pest control methods inside your car, but consider choosing options that may disperse around your vehicle. Anything abrasive or highly toxic could make you sick when inhaled.

Diatomaceous earth can eliminate spiders or other bugs in your car. Just sprinkle the coarse white powder around your floorboard or seats and vacuum everything once finished.

Other options that quickly kill pests will work, but we suggest you try different methods if you have pets or children regularly riding in your car. Borax and boric acid are highly effective but can make you seriously ill when consumed. 

Pesticides typically won’t work against spiders unless you spray them directly. We suggest trying another method unless you want to carry a spray bottle everywhere!

When dealing with spiders in your car, we suggest you eliminate the problems around your vehicle or directly remove the insects indoors.

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