November 1, 2022

What Attracts Spiders in the House? Spider Attractants

Indoors, spiders build webs in dusty staircases or roam around looking for their next meal. While most are generally docile, a full-fledged spider infestation could indicate a more significant problem in your home. 

So, what attracts spiders in the house? Is there any way to prevent them from sneaking indoors?

In our blog, we’ll explain why your home is a hot spot for creepy crawlers and even give you some tips to keep them away!

What Attracts Spiders in the House?

No one wants a house full of eight-legged pests! Here are the top reasons you may find spiders hanging out around your home. 

A Large Number of Insects

While creepy, spiders don’t come indoors to frighten you! If you find a couple of pests hiding inside, other insects may also live within your home. 

Spiders primarily consume small insects like flies, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, and moths. Depending on the spider’s location and size, they could prey on larger bugs like wasps or dragonflies or even turn their attention to animals.

Each year, the combined number of spiders in the world can eat over 440 million to 880 million tons of insects or other pests. That’s a lot to eat!

The arachnids in your home likely followed a migrating food source. If tiny insects find suitable nutrition inside, their predators could, in turn, follow their trail to stay fed. Everyone’s got to eat!

Homes with an ample population of flies are hotspots for spiders, small and large. Because these meandering insects can quickly become entrapped by a spider’s sticky web, they are these pests' prime targets. 

Indoor wolf spiders may also hunt overwintering pests like stink bugs, western conifer seed bugs, or cluster flies. Because these pests hibernate indoors, hunting spiders can quickly find a hoard of food within your walls or crawl spaces. 

Without proper pest control methods keeping the larger insect population at bay, you’ll continually see spiders lounging around on their nests or even streaking across your floor, looking for their next meal. 

Shelter From the Elements

So, what attracts spiders in the house during the winter and summer? 

Typically, homeowners see an uptick in insect populations during the hot heat of the summer or frigid winter temperatures. If the weather is too difficult for you to endure, other pests may want to seek shelter too!

If the outside climate isn’t suitable for spiders, they’ll crawl inside to avoid the season’s weather. While spiders aren’t as standard in the summer, rainy and excessively dry days may cause spiders to turn toward your home. 

The winter chill typically brings pests into your property as they search for refuge against harsh elements. Unlike other household pests, most spiders won’t hibernate during the cold and prefer finding other places to stay warm. 

Our homes typically maintain a desirable temperature that many pests covet. When the temperature drops, expect to see more insects, arachnids, and rodents creep past your door! 

Plus, some spider species only live indoors, like house spiders. You could see these pests year around as they typically can’t survive outdoors. Check out this helpful guide to help you understand the differences between house spiders and hobo spiders

Easy Access

If the door is open, why not go in?

Spiders and other pests head inside whenever they have open access to your home. If you have ill-fitting doors and windows or home damage, pests will take the opportunity to crawl inside.

Exterior home cracks are often the most significant cause of pest infestations. Many can squeeze through tiny holes and crevices to reach their desired location, so slight deterioration could be large enough to jumpstart an indoor infestation. 

Home repairs can easily remedy existing problems and even help prevent spiders from coming in afterward. You can eliminate stubborn infestations and keep them gone with the proper precautions!

Spider Pest Control Methods

We now know what attracts spiders in the house, but you shouldn’t have to settle with a pest-infested home! Try out these tips whenever you want to get rid of invading spiders!

  • Sticky traps
  • Frequent pest control
  • Repair exterior cracks
  • Try diatomaceous earth
  • Fix broken window and door screens
  • Cover food to discourage other insects
  • Use essential oils or vinegar to keep the spiders at bay

Whenever you see a spider indoors, it’s unlikely more are lurking nearby unless you have a significant pest infestation. If you have an abundance of spiders in your home, you’ll need to take action to prevent the problem from getting out of hand. 

Sticky traps can capture spiders without getting your hands dirty. If you don’t want to deal with the pests yourself, place the traps where you’ve spotted these pests and let the gluey paper do all the work!

Diatomaceous work can operate similarly. Because it destroys an insect or arachnid's exoskeleton, you can try this safe product out in your home. While it won’t cause harm if accidentally ingested, wear a mask when applying the powder to avoid lung irritation.

Essential oils and vinegar may slightly irritate the pests, but it isn’t guaranteed to eliminate them altogether. To get rid of the spiders in your home, you should trust proven pest control methods to stop them quickly. 

Besides calling a reputable pest control company, you can try DIY fixes to solve your pest problems. Clean up food in your kitchen and pantry to reduce the number of foraging insects dining on your dime. 

From pantry pests to ants, many insects invade your kitchen that spiders love to eat. Stray crumbs and unsecured foods can entice bugs to stick around, so always tidy your kitchen after cooking or spilling food and drinks.

Never leave food products unsecured or unattended on your kitchen counters or in your pantry. While securing every food product is a hassle, proper storage may prevent pesky critters from sneaking around!

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