July 11, 2023

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? DIY Pest Control Tips for You!

Bed bugs are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can ruin your nighttime experience, from painful bites to restless nights. It’s no fun battling pests when trying to lay down and sleep!

Because bed bugs are tricky to remove, you probably have questions about the correct methods to eliminate a tough infestation. Does bleach kill bed bugs, or will you need a better option?

Check out our article, and we’ll tell you everything you should know about at-home bed bug removal and if bleach will fix your pest control problems!

How do Bed Bugs Enter Your Home?

There are several ways bed bugs may infest your residence. One of the most common causes of a bed bug infestation is an accidental introduction from newly purchased furniture.

After bringing home the perfect used couch, mattress, or chair, some homeowners suddenly find themselves plagued by mysterious bug bites. More often than not, they may have inadvertently brought home a new house guest!

Bed bugs are hearty insects and can live without food for around 20 to 400 days in the right conditions. If any thrifted furniture stayed inside, the bed bugs could have withstood a few weeks without a snack! 

Check out this video to see how quickly bed bugs can reproduce and how difficult they are to control!

Besides sneaking in on furniture, bed bugs can also hitch a ride from other sources like luggage or bags. Bed bugs are a common issue for many hotels and resorts because of the number of guests cycling through each night.

If you keep your luggage nearby a bed or other infected furniture, these tiny pests can crawl into your belongings to follow you back home. Always check your clothing and bags before leaving an area with bed bugs. 

Since bed bugs can easily invade homes, consider potential ways to keep them at bay. Will vinegar or alcohol remove these pests, or does bleach kill bed bugs more efficiently?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? Tips You Need to Know!

Many DIY options can efficiently eliminate scores of annoying pests that may enter your home. Simple solutions like borax or diatomaceous powder can stop an insect infestation from growing. 

However, not every DIY solution will work for all pests. If they overrun your home, you’ll need professional help to quell many nuisance insects or rodents. Here’s our advice about what removes bed bugs from your home!

Can I Isolate the Bed Bugs?

If bed bugs lack a frequent food source, will they go away for good? While this may work for many pests, you can’t eliminate bed bugs by isolating your furniture. 

Bed bugs can withstand months without food, especially if they’re still living in appropriate temperature-controlled buildings. While they may miss the regular meals, bed bugs can still thrive whenever you relocate them.

When left to their own devices, bed bugs can quickly reproduce with one another, turning your mild annoyance into a full-blown infestation! Imagine returning to your mattress and finding hundreds of pests scurrying around!

Instead of removing them from your bedroom or living room, you should focus on more hands-on options to completely curtail any pest invasion. 

Will Extreme Temperatures Work?

While intense heat or cold can remove any stubborn pests, it’s not always a viable solution when bed bugs are taking up residence inside. 

Bed bugs can’t withstand extreme temperatures, but your possessions may not either! To kill bed bugs with heat, you’ll need to raise the temperature to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you’re tossing infected clothing in a dryer, it's hard to remove the insects from larger furniture.

Although it’s tempting to push your heat up, we don’t recommend using your thermostat as a pest control solution. Not only will your electricity bill soar sky-high, but you may impact the integrity of other items in your home. Rely on trusted professionals to attempt these methods.

Freezing your items can remove bed bugs, but it's difficult to reach optimal temperatures. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, many home freezers can’t get cold enough to kill bed bugs. 

Even if chilly temperatures appear to have knocked out your bed bug problem, these pesky insects can feign death and reemerge after you’ve removed your furniture or clothing from the elements. 

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

From mold and bacteria to harmful viruses, bleach is the perfect chemical to eliminate microscopic contagions. Does bleach kill bed bugs, too?

Most organisms die after consuming copious amounts of bleach. If you continually pour the liquid over the insects, you’ll knock them out for good, too! 

While bleach can quickly incapacitate many pests, we don’t recommend using it as a bed bug control method. Beach is highly corrosive toward many surfaces and fabrics, so you may risk ruining your furniture.

How would I use Bleach to Kill Bed Bugs?

If you’re still interested in using bleach, we recommend diluting the liquid with water. Depending on the type of fabric and the color, you may still accidentally discolor your furniture, mattress, or bedding.

However, unless you drown your mattress or couch cushions in the liquid, the bed bugs won’t otherwise interact with it. They will stay far away from this pungent-smelling liquid, so you won’t be able to kill any of the hidden bugs.

It’s easier to use other pest control methods to control your bed bug problems!

Is Using Bleach for Bed Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bleach can also cause significant lung irritation. The chemical’s strong properties can effectively neutralize bacteria, but it will also leave you with breathing difficulties if you inhale much of the fumes. Sleeping on a bleach-soaked mattress won’t help you get a good night’s sleep!

If you have bed bugs on your clothes and don’t mind risking some discoloration, bleach might be an effective tool to use as you cleanse your white clothing. Ultimately, we advise you to leave this option on the shelf.

Trust a Pest Control Agency to Remove Bed Bugs!

At-home pest control methods work with stray insects or rodents, but you should consider a company like Zunex whenever bed bugs have invaded your home. 

Unlike other pests, bed bugs have quickly become immune to many readily available pesticides, so you may not impact the insects in your furniture or home. Plus, many DIY options can’t completely eliminate these nuisance bugs.

Let us lend a hand when pests are keeping you awake at night! With our residential bed bug treatments, we can remove these blood-sucking insects and help you get a good night’s sleep once again. Contact us today!

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