February 3, 2023

Bug Bombs for Ants: Dangerous Pest Solutions

Whenever you have pests inside your home, you’ll want a quick and easy solution to get rid of them fast.

Ants are common household pests, from your pantry to your front yard. Besides giving you painful bites and stings, ants can infest and ruin your hard-earned groceries too!

For indoor invasions, will a bug bomb for ants works or cause more trouble than it’s worth? Keep reading to find out the best option for your pest problems!

What are Bug Bombs?

If you’ve perused the shelves of your local hardware, garden, or grocery store, you’ve probably spotted multiple pest control products on the market. Bug bombs are popular and seemingly easy options for many tough insects. 

These products are usually pressurized cans filled with a strong and potent insecticide. Whenever you release the canister, it will release a quick blast of chemicals that spreads throughout the room. 

Ideally, bug bombs are supposed to maximize your pest control efforts by quickly dispersing the mist around different spaces like floors, countertops, cabinets, and any other exposed surface a pest may crawl through. 

One of the best reasons to use bug bombs is their ease of use. If you want to handle insects quickly, insect foggers are the perfect solution to take care of the problem in a pinch. 

When you don’t have the time to spray different areas in your home or just need a solution on the fly, these products can quickly spread out the chemicals and get you the results you need fast. 

As insects or other pests crawl through the recently settled mist and interact with the pesticides, they’ll absorb the poisons through their skin and perish soon after. No more dealing with pesky pests in your home!

Cons of Bug Bombs

While easy enough, there are a lot of precautions you should take to target all of the pests in your home and still guarantee your safety.

Bug bombs are dangerous when misused. Because these products quickly spray out masses of chemicals at once, breathing in large amounts of the aerosol mist can make you very ill. 

According to the Washington State Department of Health, foggers can cause breathing difficulties, lung irritation, loss of consciousness, dizziness, or nausea. While some symptoms may only mimic an allergic reaction, others are more serious. Plus, if you have underlying conditions like asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Extended exposure to pesticide chemicals could send you to the hospital. 

Bug bombs for ants aren't worth the trouble, even if you have a severe infestation. Unless the pests interact with the pesticides on open surfaces, they won’t be impacted.

Bug Bombs for Ants: The Bottom Line

While relatively easy to use, we suggest another alternative for ant pest control methods. 

Insect foggers may disperse chemicals throughout one room in your house, but they cannot spread much farther than the room they’re contained in. The pesticide won’t impact those insects if you have multiple infestation spots.

Small black ant on a wooden windowsill

Also, if the ants in your home don’t walk through or interact with the pesticide spray on your floors or counters, they won’t ingest the poison, meaning your efforts will be in vain!

Plus, bug bombs can’t reach small cracks and crevices where other pests may hide. If you’re struggling with an indoor carpenter ant infestation, a bug bomb won’t make a dent in their large colony. 

One of the best ways to remove an ant problem lies in dispersing pesticide chemicals throughout the colony through poisoned baits or sprays. Ants can’t carry back the misty poison, so you may only eliminate some insects inside. 

Check out this article from the Environmental Protection Agency about whether or not ant bug bombs are the choice for you! 

Bug Bombs for Ants Alternatives

We suggest using another solution whenever you’re struggling with an ant infestation. To accurately eliminate the ants, focus on targeted pest control methods to destroy the entire colony. 

Borax and boric acid are excellent treatments against severe pest infestations. Both materials are typically incorporated into many pest control products on store shelves or online. 

To create your ant bait and poison, consider mixing borax or boric acid with sugar, honey, or another sweet and sticky substance. If the ants can easily pick up the product and carry it back home, they can disperse it amongst other colony members!

You can even create helpful sprays from essential oils or vinegar to remove the ants you see and convince them to set up shop elsewhere. Just spray your baseboards, counters, or cabinets to keep them away or spritz any ants you see. You can use this on the anthills too!

Are you looking for a hands-on and quick solution? Grab a pot and fill it with hot water. Once you’ve raised the water to a rolling boil, carefully take it outdoors and slowly pour it into the anthill. The hot shock of water will eliminate everything inside. 

Add some dish soap to your hot water for a more surefire method. This soapy mixture will surely and swiftly eliminate the invading ants and keep your home safe. 

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