July 22, 2022

When to Hire an Ant Exterminator: A Homeowner's Guide

When it comes to ant extermination, many homeowners try to take care of the problem themselves, but this can often be a big mistake. The beginning of an infestation is one of the most critical periods when you need to prevent pests from spreading.

There are a few key reasons why you may want to hire an ant exterminator instead of trying to do it yourself. In this guide, we will discuss some shortcomings of the DIY path, when you should hire an ant exterminator, and some of the benefits of doing so.

Why DIY Pest Control is a Tricky Game

There are many ways homeowners can protect their home from ants, but many of them can be impractical for various reasons. For instance, one of the best ways to prevent ant infestations is to make sure your home's foundation is free from cracks and openings.

While it's good practice to keep your home's foundation in good shape, monitoring and maintaining the foundation is really only useful as a preventative measure and not a curative one. In other words: it won't help much if you already have an infestation. Additionally, it is time consuming and very costly for many people to keep up on that.

Another DIY ant control method is using poisons and sprays.  This can be effective if done correctly, but many people don't realize how dangerous these products can be if not used properly. If you have pets or small children, for example, ant baits and poisons can pose a serious health risk to them if they come into contact with it.

Additionally, many ant sprays only work on contact, meaning you have to find every ant in your home and spray it directly. This can be a daunting and never-ending task, as ants can be very good at hiding. Even if you do manage to get rid of all the ants you can see, there's no guarantee that there aren't more hidden away somewhere.

This is why, for most people, it is much easier and more effective to hire an ant exterminator than to chance it alone.

When to Hire an Ant Exterminator

The best time to hire an ant exterminator is as soon as you notice any ant activity in your home. The sooner you take action, the better chance you have of preventing a full-blown infestation!

The beginnings of an ant infestation look  different for every home, but there are a few signs you can look out for, such as:

Finding ant trails or ant hills in your yard

Ant hills in your yard may be annoying when you do yardwork, but if they get large enough, they may start branching out to colonize in your great indoors. Check your gardens or bushes regularly for signs of anthills, as many species of ant thrive in the vegetation and cover. So much so that more may move into the neighborhood!

When you find ants in your yard, it's no emergency. A bit of lawn care can go a long way to keep the infestation from spreading.

Seeing ants crawling on the outside of your home

If you see ants on the exterior of your home or on your driveway, that's when you know they're looking to expand their operations of ant-agonism. They often get into homes through garage doors, and then into the rest of the home from there.

Spotting ants inside your home

If you notice a large quantity of ants inside your home, it's likely they're already colonizing the nooks and crannies of your home! If you haven't done anything about them until this point, it's time to take action. Better late than never!

Why Hire a Professional Ant Exterminator?

One of the biggest reasons to hire an ant exterminator is because they have the experience and knowledge to get rid of your ant problem quickly and efficiently. Ants can be difficult to get rid of, especially if you do not know what you are doing. An ant exterminator will have the right tools and products to get rid of your ant problem quickly.

Professionals can also show you places where your home might be susceptible to other pests such as mice and cockroaches. Ants get into your home in a similar way to other pests. Signs of one pest can often lead to signs of another. Don't let the problem multiply, and catch them early!

How Can Ant Exterminators Prevent Infestations?

Another reason to hire an ant exterminator is because they can help prevent ant problems in the future. Ants are often attracted to certain areas of your home, such as scrap food sources and moisture (like the cracks and crevices in your kitchen). An ant exterminator will be able to identify these areas and take help you steps to prevent ants from coming back in the future.

Overall, hiring an ant exterminator is often the best option for many homeowners. If you are having ant problems, contact the professionals at Zunex Pest Control today and we can help evict these tiny scavengers from your home!

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