July 11, 2023

Signs of Carpet Beetles | Protect Your Home From Pests!

If you’ve seen these tiny pests crawling around your clothing or furniture, you may easily mistake them for ticks or fleas. However, carpet beetles are tiny insects that can destroy your possessions. 

There are a few signs of carpet beetles you can keep an eye out for if you're concerned about an infestation. Here, we’ll highlight common signs of carpet beetles and teach you how to get rid of these destructive pests! 

What are Carpet Beetles? 

Often found crawling in clothing or atop your couches and chairs, carpet beetles can make a snack out of any fabric object in your home. 

However, adult beetles tend to feast on plant materials like nectar or pollen, according to the Univeristy of California’s Integrated Pest Management Program.

So, who’s destroying your clothing if adult carpet beetles prefer flowers? Carpet beetle larvae are often the culprit for any holes in your couch cushions, curtains, chairs, or favorite cotton t-shirt. 

Adult carpet beetles often resemble ticks upon first glance, with only their distinctive white markings and thin legs differentiating them from other blood-sucking pests. Carpet beetle larvae, on the other hand, are flashy houseguests that set them apart from their elder counterparts. 

You may mistake the larvae for tiny caterpillars, but these hairy beetles aren’t interested in anything but fabric and other fibrous materials. When adults come into your home, they will lay their eggs on areas like your clothing or couch.

When the eggs hatch, the larvae will begin feeding on the textiles in your home. If you find an adult carpet beetle, you should be on the lookout for their young, as they may have laid eggs nearby!

Take a look at this video to understand what a carpet beetle infestation can look like.

Signs of Carpet Beetles

The easiest way to discern if you have an infestation is by the sudden arrival of insects or an increase in bugs. 

One carpet beetle doesn’t indicate an infestation, but you could have a hidden issue if you continue to find the beetles inside. Because these pests lay their eggs on fibrous materials, you may spot the larvae as they hatch. Here are some other signs of carpet beetles in your home!

Holes in Your Clothing or Furniture 

Your clothes can go through everyday wear and tear, but if you find damage on multiple items in your closet, carpet beetle larvae could be eating through your precious clothing items. 

Carpet beetles aren’t the only insects known to feast on your household wares. Pests like moths, silverfish, and crickets can harm your clothed materials if they sneak inside your laundry basket or linen closet. 

Unless you hear a cricket chirping at night, it could be hard to tell what bug is taking apart your possessions. According to the University of Kentucky, carpet beetles feed on:

  • Wool
  • Felt
  • Fur
  • Silk
  • Feathers
  • Leather

While they primarily eat animal byproducts, they will also consume materials littered with skin dander or hair. Carpet beetles won’t reach for your favorite quilt or your duvet cover, but you may notice holes in anything you’ve packed away.

Your living room rug could house these pests as they eat away at the fabric and any unswept hair. If you’re noticing damage or see these pests around your home, take a peek under your rug and see if there are any signs of carpet beetles hiding!

Before you pack away last season’s clothing, give everything a good wash and place your items in tamper-proof containers. You can even vacuum seal your clothes, blankets, and comforters to keep them fresh for the next time you need them.

Carpet Beetles Around Your Windows and Doors

Like moths, carpet beetles are attracted to light and typically head toward brightly lit areas. Because these pests can’t fly like other winged insects, you won’t see them around hanging light fixtures. 

Adult carpet beetles primarily feed on plant matter found outdoors. Unless you have inside plants, you’ll probably see signs of carpet beetles as they group around windows and doors, looking for an exit. 

When they can't find a proper nutritional source, they will dehydrate and die on your window sills or around your door openings. 

If you find handfuls of dead adult carpet beetles, this could indicate carpet beetle larvae are present elsewhere in your home. 

Discarded Skin or Droppings

Carpet beetle larvae are difficult to spot on their own, but you can notice an infestation by what they leave behind. 

Discarded skin casings are one of the signs of carpet beetles in your home. As larvae grow, they molt their furry skin and transform into adults. While the adult beetles may not consume your possessions, they can continue to breed and infest other indoor spaces. 

Carpet beetle droppings are another indication that you have an infestation. While the feces is very tiny, you may see groups of these brown specks alongside the larvae's shed exoskeletons. Because adult beetles have limited food inside, any droppings probably belong to the larvae. 

Can I get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are tough pests to contain despite their small stature. At-home remedies like diatomaceous earth, borax, or chemical pesticides can thin their ranks, but contacting a reputable pest control service like Zunex Pest Control is the best way to rid your home of carpet beetles!

When you see signs of carpet beetles, call Zunex, and we’ll send out our trained technicians to survey your home. Because these pests are covered under our general pest control service, we offer a year-long warranty in case any carpet beetles come back!

By Allison Clayton

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