November 1, 2022

Mouse Trap Bait: The Best 4 Options!

There are many options when you have a rodent infestation in your home. Traps are a popular choice to eliminate mice and rats quickly, but how do you attract them?

Finding an effective mouse trap bait will help eliminate pesky rodents overruling your home. Let Zunex help you make the right choice!

Keep reading to find out how popular mouse baits measure up!

First, Choose Your Mouse Trap

Before you embark on your rodent pest control journey, you should consider what rodent traps will work best for your home. 

Traditional wooden mouse traps have been a staple in homes for over 100 years. As mice and rats approach the block-like device and venture onto the trigger pad, a small rod descends to eliminate them swiftly. 

These traps are easy to set out and forget about until you catch a mouse. However, be wary when using a run-of-the-mill snap trap, as these devices are sensitive and can injure your fingers if accidentally set off. 

Modern snap traps are typically more heavy-duty than their wooden counterparts. Because of their bulkier design, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of user error or injury. These options are more reliable and won’t leave the rodent alive to suffer. 

If you’re not a fan of looking at the rodent once captured, many hardware stores and online retailers offer options that completely conceal the mouse’s body. Just add some bait, and the tiny rodents will climb into a device you can quickly dispose of after. 

Glue traps are another option when dealing with rodents, but these have drawbacks. Often, rodents die on these traps from suffocating, and the glue traps can ensnare other unsuspecting insects or wildlife when thrown away. 

If you wish to use these products but want to make them more humane, eliminate the rodent stuck to the trap, add poison bait to the glue, or dissolve the glue to let it free and prevent other animals from getting caught. 

Best Mouse Trap Bait

Mice are curious critters! While they may wander around your home, spreading contagion and waste as they go, they’re hesitant to approach things without reason. 

With the right bait, you can have mice flocking to your traps in droves! Check out these pest control options that should help entice rodents and limit the number of pests in your home.

Peanut Butter

You may already have many of our bait options in your kitchen cabinets or pantry! Peanut butter is a popular pick for mouse bait. Homeowners either apply the sticky food to a snap trap or add mouse poison to eliminate foraging pests. 

While mice eat almost anything in your home, they primarily consume seeds or nuts when outdoors. Peanut butter and other nut butters are attractive snacks that no mouse can pass up.

Add peanut butter to the trigger point on your favorite snap mouse trap brand, then set the trap. As the mouse tries to eat the peanut butter, the trap will swing downwards on top of it.

Don’t add too much, though! A heavy dollop of peanut butter may accidentally trigger the trap prematurely or help the mouse sneak a snack without getting caught. A tiny smear should work just fine. 

Here’s a video that shows you how to apply peanut butter to a snap trap!


When you think of a mouse trap, you might conjure images of a cartoon trap with a large block of cheese attached to the end. There’s a reason this motif is often utilized in tv shows and movies as it works well to attract mice!

Instead of relying on hard blocks of cheese, you’ll have more luck catching a mouse with softer cheeses. Mice and rats can snatch larger-sized baits and avoid getting caught by your trap. 

Using softer or smaller pieces of cheese guarantees the mouse will have to climb atop your trap to reach its desired meal. Spreadable cheeses like goat cheese or cream cheese can work well, or you can utilize American, feta, or mozzarella cheese. 

Just don’t use any of your expensive cheeses on these rodents!


Mice won’t pass up any sweet treats! If you’re still looking for the best mouse trap bait, consider using a piece of your favorite chocolate on your mouse trap of choice. 

Like cheese and peanut butter, you can spread some chocolate on the trigger plate of your favorite mouse trap or place it inside concealed traps to convince the mouse to come inside. 

Opt for milk or white chocolates instead of dark to entice the mice to visit your trap. Even mice can be a little picky!

Rope or String (No, Really!)

Are you concerned that a sweet treat on a trap may entice your little ones or furry friends to sniff around where they don’t belong?

Mouse traps concern homeowners with pets as their cats or dogs may accidentally try to eat the savory bait on the mouse trap. One stray sniff could leave your pooch or kitten in a world of hurt if the trap snaps down on their nose!

Children are also accidental recipients of a snap trap's sharp sting. Because of the intense force of the thin metal bar, you or your children could receive finger or hand injuries like cuts, sprains, or breaks. 

To avoid attracting the wrong attention, you could use an unconventional mouse trap bait for pest control purposes. 

Whenever rats and mice get ready to have children, they’ll tear through your home, looking for materials to create a cozy nest, often to the detriment of your personal belongings. Try placing string, small pieces of rope, or dental floss on your mouse trap to catch foraging mothers!

While this option may not catch as many rodents as food will, you’re less likely to encourage other pests or accidentally harm others in your home.

Before setting your trap, tie a small piece of string to the paddle or trigger board of your wooden or plastic snap traps and put them around areas where you’ve spotted mice or have seen signs of pests. 

Trust Zunex with Your Pest Control Needs!

Even if you’ve found the best mouse trap bait, at-home pest control methods aren’t for everyone! 

If you’re looking to take the mess out of your rodent control, let Zunex lend a hand! We can eliminate the pesky mice and rats that populate your home. 

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