June 9, 2023

Homemade Roach Traps | The Best DIY Pest Tips!

When you have roaches in your home, you’ll want them gone quickly! These creepy crawlers will sneak around and contaminate your food and other clean surfaces. 

Homemade roach traps are a great option to keep these pests at bay and away from your precious items while waiting for a pest control treatment. 

Check out our article, and we’ll tell you everything you should know about homemade roach traps!

Roaches in Your Home

There are thousands of roach species across the globe, but only a few creep indoors to frighten homeowners. In Washington, there are three common cockroach types that many Zunex customers see in their homes:

  • Oriental cockroaches
  • German cockroaches
  • American cockroaches

The most common cockroach in the United States is the German cockroach. Because they breed quickly, your home could swiftly become overrun with dozens of these pests hiding under your cabinets or appliances. 

How do Cockroaches Come Indoors?

Like most pests, cockroaches head indoors through openings in your home or apartment. Cockroaches can easily climb inside if you have exterior home damage or ill-fitting doors and windows.

In apartments, Cockroaches can enter different units through vents, sinks, or shower drains. When one apartment has cockroaches, other residents may find them migrating into their spaces.

Sometimes, cockroaches can enter your home through somewhat unconventional methods. Roaches occasionally infest areas through packages, furniture, or groceries, especially if you’re returning from a roach-infested location.

Are Cockroaches Common?

Cockroaches are familiar pests for homeowners and businesses alike. Many places utilize homemade roach traps to keep infestations at bay!

Cockroach species like the German cockroach cannot live apart from humans, so they head to temperature-controlled buildings full of food to survive. Some may think cockroaches are indestructible, but these pests still require consistent nutrition to thrive. 

Roaches are common pests in any location- no matter how sanitary. While they prefer to stick around messy or cluttered spaces with ample crumbs and uncovered food, cockroaches will live anywhere, even in the cleanest home or hotel!

Homemade Roach Traps You Need to Try!

Instead of struggling through a tough roach infestation, try out these traps to help before a pest control agency can come and take care of them!

Use Tape to Keep Roaches in Place

Here’s an easy trap with materials you probably already have at home! All you’ll need is a roll of tape, some scissors, a plate or bowl, and roach bait. 

Cut a few strips of tape and lay them around your counters, floors, cabinets, appliances, or in your bathroom. Roaches prefer to stick close to food and water, so you should catch a stray pest as they’re foraging.

Roaches may eat almost anything but favor peanut butter, honey, and sugar. Add diatomaceous earth or borax to your sugary bait to optimize your homemade roach trap.

Soda Bottle Traps

Don’t toss your soda bottle away when finished! Your plastic soda bottle is the perfect base for many useful insect traps. 

After polishing off your favorite drink, grab a pair of scissors and cut around the top of the label or wherever the bottle starts to curve downwards. Add some Vaseline or a thick sticky substance to the inside of the bottle. 

Place a roach attractant like sugary substances, meat, bread, or starch in the bottom of the bottle. You can add alcohol to your bait to encourage cockroaches to climb inside your trap!

After you’ve filled your trap, place the top of your bottle inside the larger portion, creating a funnel. The vaseline will hold them in place as they attempt to reach their sweet treat at the bottom.

Remember that this trap won’t kill roaches and can only help you catch them as they forage. To eliminate the roaches, pour boiling water into the bottle to get rid of them immediately. Avoid throwing the trap away as the cockroaches could accidentally get loose. 

Check out the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services page to create the perfect DIY cockroach bottle trap! 

Catch Cockroaches in a Jar Trap

If you have an empty jam jar, we have the perfect use for it! All you'll need is a greasy substance and roach bait. 

Coat the inside of your jar with oil to prevent roaches from climbing out. You can add whatever bait you prefer to attract the roaches into the jar. Check out this video to see how well this trap works for German and American cockroaches! This simple trap can catch handfuls of these pests at once.

What Else Eliminates Roaches?

Traps can easily capture handfuls of roaches, but they may not eliminate your problem unless you actively use other pest control methods. If you’re still interested in a DIY solution, try out the following to keep roaches at bay:

  • Borax
  • Boric acid
  • Baking soda
  • Diatomaceous earth 

Some store-bought pesticides can also work, but many roach species have adapted to these chemicals. DIY roach control is difficult because these pests prefer to hide away from sight. You often never know the true extent of an infestation!

Some at-home options work well with a professional pest control treatment. If you’re waiting for your appointment or just trying to catch a few after an initial service, homemade roach traps can quickly clean up any stray pests!

For a comprehensive cockroach pest control treatment, call Zunex pest control to handle your pest problems! Our trained technicians will inspect your home and treat these unsightly pests. Contact us today!

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