February 3, 2023

Does White Vinegar Kill Ants? Answers for You!

When you’re struggling with ants, there’s nothing you won’t try to eliminate an infestation. DIY solutions are popular, but does white vinegar kill ants?

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Vinegar: A Multipurpose Solution 

Often a staple in kitchen pantries, vinegar works well in various dishes. From salad dressings and sauces to desserts and dough, this pungent liquid can cut the sweetness of any meal or add needed acidic flavor.

Vinegar is also a necessary ingredient for pickling. Fruits, vegetables, and eggs require vinegar to reach their desired taste and consistency. Just grab some cucumbers to make some homemade pickles in a snap!

If you have a mess in your home, vinegar also makes a great DIY cleaner for many kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Just fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water to disinfect any messes or spills. 

Two brown cleaning bottles with a brush and towel

Different types of vinegar have other uses too. You don’t want to use balsamic vinegar to pickle all of your vegetables! So, does white vinegar kill ants, or should you use another option for pest control?

Vinegar as Pest Control

Surprisingly, vinegar is a viable pest control option. You can use it inside and outside to prevent bugs and other pests from sneaking inside or destroying your precious plants. 

Because of its pungent odor, it can repel some pests like rats and mice from smell alone. Soak cotton balls in the liquid and place them wherever rodents frequent, like your kitchen, pantry, and cabinets. 

Vinegar also prevents spiders from creeping around your home; just spray your baseboards or hidden corners. It may not eliminate the pests, but it can certainly keep them away from some spaces indoors. 

These pests typically frequent tall grasses or standing water to lay eggs. Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent mosquito repellent. You can mix it in a spray bottle with water and spritz it wherever mosquitoes hang out outdoors. 

For fruit flies, vinegar doesn’t work well for elimination purposes. Instead, it attracts these tiny pests! If you’re interested in a fruit fly trap, vinegar is a great attractant that can bring the flies to their demise. 

But what about ants? Is white vinegar a viable option for your pest control needs?

Does White Vinegar Kill Ants?

So, the big question is: Does white vinegar kill ants? 

Because of its strong acidity, vinegar can get rid of ants on contact. If you see a group of ants patrolling in your home or outside, you can spray vinegar on the foraging pests to keep them at bay.

Spraying or pouring vinegar on an anthill can similarly eliminate the hoards of insects hiding in the dirt. If you’re lucky, you can knock out the queen too! Plus, if you boil the water and add a touch of vinegar, you can remove all of them at once.

However, vinegar may not have the desired results if you intend to use it as a barrier pest control method. It cannot kill them on contact unless directly applied to the ants. Once dried, it may only discourage them from crossing into your home. 

Preventative measures like vinegar or citrus smells can send ants packing, but they may not keep them away from your home. Pests like ants or rodents aren’t easily dissuaded and could bypass momentary annoyances to get what they need. 

Baited traps can easily capture the pests invading your home, while poisoned bait can completely wipe out the entire colony. 

Storebought ant baits or DIY options work better for direct elimination methods. Many baits contain a slow-acting poison that kills the foraging ants and also targets other ants in the colony.

Because worker ants find food for themselves, other workers, developing larvae, and the queen, anything these pests bring back to the colony will eventually make its way through every single member. 

How to Use White Vinegar for Pest Control

So, does white vinegar kill ants? Of course, it works, but try something else for significant infestations!

Baits, targeted pesticides, or powders will swiftly remove infestations that creep through and keep your home pest-free.

However, that doesn’t mean white vinegar doesn’t have a purpose in your home!

Ants are highly food-motivated and invade homes to access viable food stores. Because these workers are taking care of the queen and colony, they’ll set their sights on any stray food crumbs or messes in your home. 

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make kitchen cleaner, try using white vinegar to clean up your countertops, sinks, or stovetops. Just ensure the acidic liquid won’t damage any wooden or laminate surfaces!

Also, if you notice the ants travel a common pathway, consider spraying a vinegar and water solution to disrupt their trail. Many ant species utilize scent trails to keep in touch with other colony members and create a pathway to food. 

Vinegar’s pungent odor and cleaning capabilities can quickly knock out any scent trail and send ants scrambling. Just make sure to open a window afterward to eliminate the smell! 

Plus, never forget that Zunex Pest Control has your back for any pest-related problem. We cover many different ant species and can quickly eliminate them from your home in no time. 

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