September 8, 2022

5 Ways to Avoid Cockroach Bites for Good!

Heading indoors for food and shelter, cockroaches can easily invade your residence during any time of the year. From restaurants to your personal kitchen, cockroaches can be a familiar and frightening presence. 

When you have a cockroach infestation, you may have a few questions, especially if you’re concerned about these pests causing harm. Why are cockroaches in my home? Will a cockroach bite me? How can I prevent cockroach bites?

With Zunex, you won’t have to worry about anything! Check out our article to learn more about cockroaches and how to avoid a painful cockroach bite!

How to Avoid Cockroach Bites

Despite their reputation as skittish insects, cockroaches may bother you in certain situations. While a cockroach bite isn't as common as other biting insects like fleas, ticks, or spiders, cockroaches can still cause trouble!

Why do Cockroaches Bite?

If you’re on the receiving end of an irritating cockroach bite, you’re probably wondering why the cockroaches in your home turned toward you instead of the food in your kitchen. 

Typically, roaches avoid humans and pets at all costs. Because of their reclusive nature, many homeowners aren’t aware of large infestations until these pests slip out at night or their numbers grow too large.

Cockroaches primarily have bitten humans on ships when they don’t have frequent access to food. Check out this video to learn more!

If cockroaches are inside your home, some may look for other food sources if they cannot find adequate nutrition elsewhere. Typically, roaches only try to bite humans if a considerable infestation has grown out of control. 

Infestations could have hundreds or thousands of roaches that can quickly deplete available food in your home. When roaches grow hungry, they could bite you in search of dead skin cells, hair, skin dander, or scalp dandruff. 

Instead of approaching you during the daytime, cockroaches may sneak a bite during the night as you sleep. These pests can leave behind red, raised welts similar to a mosquito bite. You could find bites on your arms, hands, or face around your eyes!

Because cockroach bites aren't typical, you may mistake these bites for bed bugs, mosquitoes, or another common biting pest. Assess your mattress for signs of other insects and contact a pest control agency if you suspect cockroaches have bitten you; this is a sign of a significant problem!

Seal up Small Gaps and Cracks

Cockroaches typically enter homes through small openings. Once these pests have found an entrance, they can slowly make their way through your home’s inner foundation to reach areas rife with food. 

They may also sneak indoors through ill-fitting doors and windows, climbing inside the small gaps between the windowsill or floor. If you notice a draft when you place your hand near your window or under your front door, there could be a large enough opening for pests!

You can quickly repair minor damages outside your home with plaster or stucco, but some issues may require professional assistance. Contact your landlord or complex manager to assess the damage if you rent a home or apartment.

Preventing cockroaches from entering your residence is the easiest way to deter painful cockroach bites and ensure these pests don’t spread bacteria and diseases around the food in your kitchen!

Avoid Handling Cockroaches

Some insects and arachnids can sting or bite when handled incorrectly. Whenever you spot a cockroach around your home, don’t attempt to pick it up and throw it away or place it outside. 

Most cockroach species will head back indoors when you try to relocate them, and mishandling these pests could lead to painful bites! 

It won’t be easy to catch a roach either. According to the University of Minnesota, most roach species have wings, but not every roach can fly. However, many of the roach species in the United States can easily jump or use their wings to make a quick escape. 

Keep Your Home Tidy

Cockroaches prefer to inhabit areas with abundant food sources and are sure to stick around if you have leftovers in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. 

Cockroach climbing onto a dish of sugar

Small crumbs, grease spills, or messes could entice roaches to stay in your home. Most cockroaches like to hide under appliances or inside cabinets around food. You may even find them hiding away in small wall cracks!

What if you keep these areas clean but still find roaches creeping into your room?

If you’re still concerned about cockroach bites or have been bitten, other factors may entice these pests to keep coming back.

Cockroaches can look for other nutrition sources if you remove their main source of food. While they’re more likely to dine on soap, decaying plants, or hair, cockroaches may climb near for a snack, especially if you have crumbs or food around your bed.

Keep your room as tidy as your kitchen to convince roaches to look elsewhere for nourishment. Never leave food on your bedside table, and always clean crumbs off your bed, so cockroaches won’t climb under your covers as you sleep. 

Place Cockroach Traps in Your Kitchen and Bedroom

For extra protection, you can always place sticky traps in your kitchen or on the floor of your bedroom. 

Similar to mouse traps, these glue devices will keep all insects securely in place. If a roach wants to venture out from the larger population for an unconventional snack, these traps will ensure they don’t get far. 

Sticky traps can’t eliminate the larger cockroach population in your home, but you can rest easy at night knowing these pests are unlikely to crawl into your bed and bite! However, professional pest control methods are the best way to remove roaches and protect yourself!

Call a Pest Control Agency

If you can’t control cockroaches through DIY methods, give Zunex Pest Control a call! 

We know cockroaches are creepy creatures that no one wants inside, especially when you have a large infestation! Many cockroach species like the German cockroach can quickly breed and double in size in just a few months. 

Instead of worrying about cockroach bites or a growing cockroach population that could run out of food, let us lend a hand! Whether you need assistance identifying a pest or want to remove these insects from your kitchen, bathroom, or walls, Zunex can help.

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