September 8, 2022

Do Bug bombs for Spiders Work? Our Essential Advice!

With almost 1,000 species spread throughout the state, Washington has its fair share of spiders! While most aren’t dangerously venomous, spiders are one houseguest you’ll want to avoid. 

But how do you quickly eliminate the pests in your home? While bug bombs for spiders say they can swiftly stop stubborn infestations, are they the best option for you?

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about aerosol bug foggers and if they’re safe to use in your home. 

What are Bug Bombs?

Bug bombs are pressurized cans or containers containing an aerosol pesticide solution. Once deployed, the products can mist the chemicals around a room, supposedly settling inside hard-to-reach areas where pests may hide. 

Pest foggers coat uncovered and open areas like your countertops, furniture, and cabinets. 

Because of their ease of use, many consumers turn to these products to eliminate their pest infestation. They are popular fixes for cockroaches and fleas, but you can find bug bombs for bedbugs, spiders, ants, and occasional invaders. 

Should I use Bug Bombs for Spiders?

While convenient, bug bombs might not be the best choice. Unless you have many creepy crawlers hiding in your home, these products aren’t an efficient resolution.

Foggers can’t reach tight secluded crevices many insects and spiders hide. Unless they are active as you deploy the solution, the majority of your pest problem could remain unaffected by the pesticide. 

Think about where you typically see spiders. Webs crop up around ceilings, inside attics, or unused spaces. From dusty shelves and forgotten corners to tiny wall cracks, the misty solution won’t accurately reach unseen spiders.

Many spider species aren’t social, like cockroaches and bedbugs, so it’s unlikely you’ll find large numbers of the arachnids grouped. Bug bombs for spiders are typically unnecessary unless you have a severe or untreated infestation. 

The Dangers of Insect Foggers

Besides their general ineffectiveness for spiders, bug bombs are also dangerous products. Many commercial foggers operate similarly and can cause issues in your home if not used properly.

Because of the high concentration of pesticides needed to impact the pests in your home, you’ll need to vacate your property until the mist settles. 

Ingesting high quantities of these chemicals can make you extremely sick and even cause breathing difficulties if you stick around for too long. Many consumers have even required medical attention after remaining indoors with the product. 

While some reactions to the chemicals are mild, prolonged exposure can cause uncomfortable side effects or even be fatal, according to the University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources program

Bug bombs are also highly flammable and can cause items in your home to spark and explode. They can start fires when sprayed over lit ovens and wall heaters. 

Refrigerators and televisions can also negatively interact with the settling mist. If the pesticide sinks onto the electronic wiring, it may damage your appliances or cause a more considerable reaction. 

Insect foggers have their risks, so we typically advise against these DIY pest control treatments. When in doubt, call a pest control agency like Zunex to solve your pest problems!

How to Correctly Use Bug Bombs for Spiders

If you’re still interested in trying this method to eliminate the eight-legged fiends indoors, here are some tips to make this store-bought solution safer. 

  • Only use one at a time
  • Follow all labeled instructions
  • Never stay indoors with a fogger
  • Don’t return to your home for a few hours
  • Turn off all electronics and other appliances
  • Place the product in areas where the chemicals can disperse 
  • Clean up counters, furniture, floors, and other affected surfaces

Remember, never utilize multiple products and steer clear of your home until after the product has run its course. Consider airing out the treated room to prevent any lingering chemicals from harming you as your come back indoors. 

If you still suffer from an insect infestation after using a bug bomb, consider turning to other methods to remove your spider problems. 

Additional Ways to Remove Spiders

Spiders are tricky nuisances to eliminate. Unlike other social pests, spiders typically won’t congregate together like roaches, ants, or wasps. Their solitary nature can make it difficult to find where these pests prefer to hide. 

If you have a serious spider infestation and keep finding them throughout your home, you should first consider removing potential food sources. Most spiders rely on insects to meet their nutritional needs, so a large population of spiders indicates a latent pest problem. 

Take stock of your home and see if other pests are slyly sneaking indoors. Some insects can invade through tiny cracks and crevices outside your home. If you notice damage, you can repair the gaps you see, but consult with a professional before trying DIY home repairs. 

A pest control agency can help you remove spiders and their desired meals, but there are additional measures you can take to keep spiders away.

Sticky traps are an excellent way to quickly and easily capture any wandering pests that travel through your home. 

Frequent cleaning can keep the bugs away and alert you to increased spider activity. As you tidy your home, remove spider webs with a broom or vacuum. If you’re lucky, you can even take the creepy critter out with the trash!

Essential oils, plants, and smells can even prevent spiders from coming inside. Peppermint oil is a popular way to keep most common household pests out. Spray peppermint oil around popular spider spots or soak cotton balls in the liquid. 

Check out this video to learn more about natural methods to remove and prevent spiders from your home!

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