Wolf Spider

 Identification and Control

Proper identification is an important first step in controlling ants.


How to Identify an 

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are small to very large in size and have a unique eye pattern. Females carry egg sacs on spinnerets and spiderlings on their back.

Where do they come from?

Wolf spiders are solitary wandering hunts and are not found in webs. They can be found in ornamental plantings, turf grass, under objects, woodpiles, in mulch, etc.

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What do they look like?

Wolf spiders are not found in webs are are solitary wandering hunters
Wolf spiders carry their egg sacs on spinnerets and spiderlings on their back
Wolf spiders may mistakenly enter buildings, but are not a health hazard
Unique eye pattern of a wolf spider

Where do they live?

Diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day





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