German Cockroach

 Identification and Control

Proper identification is an important first step in controlling ants.

Blattella germanica

How to Identify an 

German Cockroach

Germain cockroaches are small in size; only about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch in length. They are light brown with two dark stripes right behind the head.

Where do they come from?

German cockroaches prefer warm, moist areas near food preparation and/or storage areas (primary kitchen-infesting roach in Utah). They can be found near sinks, appliances, furnaces, etc.

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What do they look like?

German cockroach with an othecca attached
Two stripes on the back of a German cockroach
Close up view of a German cockroach
German cockroach othecca

Where do they live?

You can find german cockroaches under the sink, behind kitchen cabinets, under countertops, behind the fridge, or near drains and pipes.


Blattella germanica



Highly varied and diverse

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