March 2, 2023

How to Get Rid of Stink Bug Infestations

One of the most inconvenient infestations you can experience on your property is stink bugs. Named appropriately for the foul odor they release, stink bugs use this scent to deter potential threats or expose it when they are crushed. They are damaging to flowers, fruits, and crops, making their grand appearance each spring and causing destruction all throughout warm weather. Once the cold weather sets in, they start moving their destructive habits indoors, specifically to homes and property structures that protect them from the elements. There are several ways to rid yourself of the stink bug infestation and take preventative measures to keep them from returning. 

Seal Off the Entryways

When stink bugs enter your home, they do so through small cracks in your foundation and windows, allowing them to squeeze through and enter your home. By making sure that all doors are weather-stripped, you are not only keeping out rain or snow but also stink bugs. 

Your doors and windows should also get a fresh sealed layer when you add caulk to them. This reinforces the seal, keeping your warm air inside through the winter and keeping out unwanted pests like stink bugs. In your basement, you can add caulk to the outdoor entryways and also secure these areas just like you would the other floors of your home. 

Cultivate Your Property

Stink bugs like to infest areas that have uncultivated land, hiding in ground covers until the temperature changes. If you are maintaining your lawn and keeping the ground cultivated regularly, then you can avoid the stink bugs from staking a claim and causing an extensive population that will cause problems for your property. Once you start seeing one or two stink bugs lingering in an area, that means that the conditions around that area are ideal for a colony, and they are working on creating one. 

Maintain Your Crops

While a home garden is an ideal hobby and even more important to the overall life quality of your family, stink bugs are also attracted to gardens, seeking out certain crops that are found in home gardens. 

  • Wheat
  • Berries
  • Corn

If you have several berry bushes on the property, you need to take the time to make sure these crops get the attention they deserve. With stink bugs, they will start to overtake the plant, reducing its supply and stunting the growth of these plants. 

If you are tending to your garden and you see a stink bug or more, make sure to take the hose to that stink bug and have it removed from the garden. A home solution of dish soap and water will allow you to wash the garden, extending the life of the crops and garden altogether. 

Spray Them Away

Like most other pests, there are some scents that can deter stink bugs from getting on your plants and causing destruction. You can choose either a home remedy to keep your spray organic or choose one of the more well-known options that are available for purchase. These sprays are able to drastically reduce the presence of stink bugs, deterring them from your plants, ornamental flowers, and away from your home. Standard fungicide options are easily used to manage stink bugs before they continue their invasion. 

If the infestation is much larger, then you will need to have commercial grade pesticides come in and cover the perimeter of the home so that the right spray can be used to eliminate the pest. 

Distraction is Important

While you are spending time weeding and removing excess grass out of your garden, you could take the time to distract the stink bugs and direct them to another plant that is able to withstand their infestation. These are known as distraction crops. Because they are attracted to bright colors, they can easily be trapped with soapy water where they drown and can be easily removed. If you are in your home and need a distraction, then the use of a vacuum cleaner will easily remove any stink bugs and reduce the infestation that is developing within the home. 

Keep Stink Bugs Away

The best option you have for stink bugs is to contact a qualified pest control agent to come in and exterminate these bugs. For more information, contact Zune Pest Control today. 

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