Identification and Control

Proper identification is an important first step in controlling ants.

Sciurus spp.

How to Identify an 


Squirrels are 6 to 15 inches in length not including the tail. Their tails are 4 to 14 inches long.

Squirrel coloring are either white, grayish, yellowish, reddish, or brownish on the top side of their body. They have a pale or dark underside.

Squirrels have short think fur and a bushy tail.

Where do they come from?

Squirrels build nests in tree cavities or on tree branches. They can occasionally enter attics and garages for food and shelter or to nest.

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What do they look like?

Squirrels are about 6 to 15 inches long, not including their tail
Squirrels build nests in tree cavities or on branches
Squirrels are a minor health concern, but disease transmission to humans is rare

Where do they live?


Sciurus spp.



Nuts, acorns, seeds, berries, tree bark and fungi

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