Larder Beetle

 Identification and Control

Proper identification is an important first step in controlling ants.

Dermestes lardarius

How to Identify an 

Larder Beetle

Larder beetles are 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch long and are an elongated oval shape. Adult larder beetles are a dark brown to black color with a pale yellow band around the wing covers that contain six spots.

Larvae of the larder beetle are only about 1/2 of an inch long and are a dark brown color and are covered in long brown hairs. Larvae have two spines on the ends of the body that curve upward toward the rear of the body.

Where do they come from?

Larder beetles primarily breed in food storage areas or in areas where dead insects or rodents are found.

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What do they look like?

Unique coloring of the larder beetle
Larder meeting feeding
Underside of a larder beetle

Where do they live?

Larder beetles are typically found indoors feeding on rodent carcasses or on high protein foods. They bore into materials such as wood and insulation to nest and plug the nest entrance.


Dermestes lardarius



Animal products: dead animals, meats, cheese, powdered milk, dry pet food and dried insects

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